IIT Foundation with CBSE IX

FOUNDATION2 – Two Years Classroom Program (CBSE IX & X + IIT Foundation)

Excellence in IX & X + Olympiads + Foundation IIT-JEE / Medical Entrance & Various other Competitive Entrance Exam


  • The objective of this course is to make the students understand and master basic concepts in the subjects of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
  • The IIT-Foundation program will not only help children understand better what is taught in regular school classes, and hence do well in IX & X exams but will also help them develop the acumen which will give them a distinctive edge over the rest of their peers. It also helps Sharpening Analytical Skills and evolving their thinking process which makes one capable of solving complex problems.
  • Imparting right Time Management skills to ensure optimum output.
  • Comprehensive coverage of class IX and X syllabus.
  • Excellence in IX & X + Olympiads + Foundation IIT-JEE/AIEEE / Medical Entrance / Competitive Entrance Exam etc.: Additional course material and specialized training sessions to empower you achieve your goal.

GUPTA TUTORIALS is the only institution that has excellent past results in IX & X board exams and offers foundation program for Preparing the student for competitive exams from IXth itself.


  • A breakthrough program for IX students
  • One major requirement to clear IIT-JEE & other Engineering Entrance Exams - is a strong understanding of fundamentals and a high level of IQ.
  • It is also imperative for a student to excel in X exams so as to make him / her eligible for science stream in class XI–which is a pre-requisite for pursuing engineering / medical as a career.
  • Most students rush past the IX and X classes, concentrating only on the immediate objective of a high score in the IX & X exams and start preparations for IIT-JEE only from class XI onwards.
  • The way Science and Mathematics is taught at IX & X standards, it does not help a student to prepare for either IIT-JEE, Olympiads.
  • As a result students tend to ignore competing in and preparing for exams like STSE, Olympiads etc. – not realizing that these exams give him / her the much required
  • Extra doubt clearing sessions
  • Batch allotment is according to the performance
  • Same faculties for all the batches
  • Limited batch size
  • Emphasize on performance
  • Daily feedback to parents through SMS
  • All the performance of the students are displayed on website for the parents to view by using login ID.
  • Mock test series for all subjects is organized before summative assessment -1 & summative assessment – 2.exposure to the world of competitive exams, in addition to all the glory they bring along.
  • There is a quantum jump in the level of difficulty of subjects for students in Class XI as compared to Class X.
  • The students in any case have to struggle to cope up with Class XI syllabi, add to that IIT-JEE / competitive exams preparation with absolutely no exposure to competitive exams, the job becomes much more daunting.
  • Therefore it is essential that a student develops a strong foundation for IIT-JEE / medical entrance / competitive entrance exams while in Class IX and X only – enabling him / her to perform at an optimum level in class XI / XII as well as IIT-JEE.


  • Entire course will be covered in 5 phases
  • Single comprehensive study material. Additional problems will be supplemented wherever necessary. Students should not require any additional books etc.
  • Assignments book for Home Assignment.
  • Chapter wise Practice Test: On each chapter students will be given chapter practice problems which they have to attempt and submit before the beginning of the next chapter. These solutions will be checked by the faculty and will be returned to the students with remarks and suggestions. Thus helping every student to have a very strong command over fundamental concept knowledge very crucial for getting Top ranks.
  • Mock test series for all subjects is organized before summative assessment -1 & summative assessment – 2.
  • Regular feedbacks & test analysis sessions.
  • Special doubt clearing sessions.
  • Dedicated academic operations team provides feedback at any point of time apart from scheduled parent teacher meetings.