Test Series

Mock Test Series:

Our devotion at GUPTA TUTORIALS has resulted in this unique academic revolution, the CBSE Mock test series. The Mock test series has given our students a remarkable edge over others. Mock Test series tune students to the actual examination conditions and develops a competitive spirit in them in order to meet success in CBSE Exams.

Gupta Tutorials Test series includes the following types of test papers as per the latest pattern of CBSE Examinations:

  1. Chapterwise minor tests
  2. Unitwise syllabus revision test
  3. Full syllabus major tests
  • We organize 5 mock tests (Full syllabus major tests) of each subjects after entire syllabus is covered in our regular classes, it helps students to prepare for their final exams.
  • In Mock test series they are exposed to exam like scenario, which help them to control the nervousness during exams, they also work on time management & presentation.
  • After each test, correction is done according to CBSE guidelines & doubt removal classes are organized. In these classes, standard answers of each questions are explained, they are taught to write all the steps while solving the questions.
  • They also work on time management techniques to complete the entire paper in 2:30 Hrs only, leaving them with 30 minutes for proper revision of the answer sheet.
  • Mock test series is very effective & ensure atleast 10-15% Improvement in performance.
  • All the test performances are communicated to parents via sms. In case parents wish to know the performance of their ward, they can see it on our www.guptatutorials.co.in or just need to make a phone call at our office during working hours.
  • To get feedback about their ward's performance, parent can meet the faculty on any day, with prior appointment.